Women’s activism in Germany

In Prof. Bahr’s CT 2021 class “When Women Speak – From Rosa Luxemburg to Angela Davis,” students looked at the different facets of women’s activism in Germany from the mid-nineteenth century up to the present day. In this course, women’s own contributions were centered and analyzed in relation to their own understanding of the world around them. Students compared and contrasted representations of the women’s movements, identities and interactions in various contemporary texts including narratives written by those marginalized women. Students examined the way the work of those marginalized women intersected with questions of cultural and national identification, race, ethnicity, gender, class and politics. Cross-cultural perspectives and approaches to moral problems such as racial prejudice, the suffering of the innocent, the development of a moral consciousness and social responsibility and the role of solidarity were also discussed.

Students were also assigned daily group projects where they were asked to think about how the women and their legacy that we have covered class can be presented in a setting of diversity, empowerment, and future vision. I let them decide the format they wanted to use for the daily group work. One group chose a podcast, another a website with timeline, another group did diary entries from the perspective of the respective women combined with response entries from the group’s male student to those women. The last group combined art with poetry using a collage style and drawings. Two of the projects are shown here.

“When Women Speak”
by Sam Adams, Cate Wagner, Ella Treinen, Malcolm Stewart, Karli Prather

[embeddoc url=”https://sites.centre.edu/whenwomenspeak/files/2021/03/German-Feminism-project_small.pdf” download=”none” viewer=”google”]


The Women’s Diary
“When Women Speak”

by Joseline Viera Canas, Jessie Strader, Molly Samonds & Seth Gosser

[embeddoc url=”https://sites.centre.edu/whenwomenspeak/files/2021/03/German-Feminism-Diary-1.pdf” download=”none” viewer=”google”]

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